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Vardenafil For Sale, Israel and Syria brace for regional war between mid-Dec. 2011 and mid-Jan 2012
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 5, 2011, 2:41 PM (GMT+02:00)

Multiple Launch Rocket System in action

The actions and words of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Syrian ruler Bashar Assad in the last 72 hours indicate they are poised for a regional war, including an attack on Iran, for some time between December 2011 and January 2012.

In their different ways, buy Vardenafil from mexico, both have posted road signs to the fast-approaching conflict as debkafile's Middle East sources disclose:

1.  Saturday, Dec. 3, Syria staged a large-scale military exercise in the eastern town of Palmyra, Vardenafil blogs, which was interpreted by Western and Israeli pundits as notice to its neighbors, primarily Turkey and Israel, that the uprising against the Assad regime had not fractured its sophisticated missile capabilities.

debkafile's military sources advise attaching more credibility to the official Damascus statement of Sunday, Dec, Vardenafil For Sale. 4: "The Syrian army has staged a live-fire drill in the eastern part of the country under war-like circumstances with the aim of testing its missile weaponry in confronting any attack."
Videotapes of the exercise, briefly carried on the Internet early Monday before they were removed by an unseen hand, support this statement. They showed a four-stage exercise, real brand Vardenafil online, in which missile fire was a minor feature. Its focus was on the massive firing of self-propelled 120mm cannon, brigade-strength practice of 600mm and 300mm multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), offensive movements of Syrian armored brigades backed by ground-to-ground missiles with short 150-200 kilometer ranges. They drilled tactics for repelling enemy reinforcements rushed to combat arenas. Vardenafil For Sale, All this added up to is an impressive Syrian demonstration of its ability to ward off an attack on Syrian soil by turning a defensive array into an offensive push for taking the battle over into the aggressor's territory, whether the Turkish or Israeli armies or a combined Arab League force backed by NATO. Vardenafil price, coupon, 2.  Israel made its rejoinder to the Syrian war message 24 hours later.

Addressing a ceremony honoring the memory of for Israel's founding father David Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu recalled how 63 years ago, Ben-Gurion declared the foundation of the State of Israel in defiance of pressures from most of Western leaders and a majority of his own party. They warned him that he would trigger a combined Arab attack to destroy the fledgling state  just three years after the end of World War II.

But fortunately for us, said the prime minister, online buy Vardenafil without a prescription, Ben-Gurion stood up to the pressure and went through with his decision, otherwise Israel would not be here today.

"There are times," said Netanyahu, "when a decision may carry a heavy price, but the price for not deciding would be heavier."

"I want to believe," he said, "we will always have the courage and resolve for the right decisions to safeguard our future and security."

Although he did not mention Iran, it was not hard to infer that the prime minister was referring to a decision to exercise Israel's military option against Iran's nuclear program in the face of crushing pressure from Washington and insistent advice of certain Israeli security veterans, Vardenafil For Sale.

Defense minister Ehud Barak, who was standing behind the prime minister's shoulder, was as tense as a coiled spring. Buy Vardenafil no prescription, 3. Six hours later, Netanyahu dropped a bombshell on the domestic political scene: He announced his Likud party would hold elections, including primaries, before January 31, 2012 - two years before schedule and a year before Israel's next general election. As head of one of the most stable and long-lived coalition governments ever to have ruled Israel, Vardenafil results, he is under no pressing domestic need of a demonstration of leadership at this time. Vardenafil For Sale, 4.  In the last two weeks, the Netanyahu government has been subjected to acerbic criticism on the part of one Obama administration official after another. They have presented Israel as having fallen into the hands of right-wing extremists who are engaged in a mad race to suppress the judiciary and diminish the civil rights of women and children – not to mention Palestinians.

Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton went to unimaginable lengths when she likened Israel to Iran because fringe ultraorthodox group's in a couple of suburbs in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak were fighting for gender segregation on public transport against the government and the courts. Cheap Vardenafil, She was clearly aiming to undermine the Netanyahu government's democratic credentials - and therefore his moral legitimacy - for going to war to halt Iran's attainment of a nuclear weapon.
4.  The unusually powerful US and Russian naval buildups in the waters around Syria and Iran, Vardenafil For Sale.
Washington sought in late November to give the impression that the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group was anchored off Marseilles, when it was spotted in the eastern Mediterranean opposite Syria.

Moscowthen rushed to Syria's defense by airlifting 72 anti-ship Yakhont missiles (Western-coded SSN-26) to Damascus. These water-skimming weapons can hit naval targets at a distance of 300 kilometers. Vardenafil For Sale, After that the Bush, whose freedom to approach Syrian or Lebanese shores, had been curtailed by the new weapon reaching Syria, departed to an unknown destination, while the USS Carl Vinson strike group took up position opposite Iran.

Moscowis also playing hide and seek with its only air carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, Vardenafil wiki. It was announced that the vessel would set sail for the Mediterranean on Dec. 6. But on Nov. 25, it was sighted passing Malta and chugging past Cyprus four days later on its way to join the flotilla of three Russian guided missile destroyers already anchored off Syria, Vardenafil For Sale.

Neither the United States nor Russia would have concentrated two powerful fleets in the proximity of Syria and Iran unless they were certain a military conflagration was imminent. While any of the prime movers, After Vardenafil, Washington, Moscow, Tehran, Israel or Bashar Assad, may at the last moment step back from the brink of a regional war, at the moment, there is no sign of this happening, online Vardenafil without a prescription.

 Barak vs US: We can't wait until Iran declares it has a nuclear bomb
DEBKAfile Special Report December 1, 2011, 11:28 AM (GMT+02:00)

Top US soldier Gen. Martin Dempsey

Major US-Israel differences surfaced suddenly Thursday, Dec. Vardenafil For Sale, 1, over the timing and circumstances of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, when Gen. Vardenafil from canadian pharmacy, Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, said: "I don't know whether Israel would alert the United States ahead of time if it decided to take military action against Iran." Three hours later, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak maintained US policy would enable Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon without the possibility of attacking it.

In an interview, General Dempsey went on to admit a range of differences between the US and Israel on two key issues: The first related to their expectations from the sanctions and the diplomatic moves being taken by the Obama administration, “with the stated intent not to take any options off the table” – language that leaves open the possibility of future military action, get Vardenafil.

“I am not sure that the Israelis share our outlook” on this matter, said the American general.

The second issue on which the Americans and Israelis are divided is their perspective on the future course of events relating to the Iranian nuclear program and the Middle East:  “And … because to them this (a nuclear-armed Iran) is an existential threat I think probably that it’s fair to say that our expectations are different right now,” said Gen. Dempsey, Vardenafil For Sale.

In an early morning radio interview, Rx free Vardenafil, Ehud Barak laid Israel's cards on the table with unusual frankness: He said he would be happy if diplomatic moves and sanctions were to stop Iran’s nuclear program and make it possible to give up the military option, but he does not believe that is the case.

 “They (the Americans) tell us - What’s the hurry with an attack on Iran. Wait until (Ayatollah) Khamenei announces that Iran is abandoning the NPT (nuclear non-proliferation treaty). The Iranians will break the locks (IAEA inspection seals at Iranian uranium enrichment plants) and then it will be clear to all that they have a nuclear weapon.”

Barak added: “The difference between us and the Americans is this: We say that because the Iranians are busy moving their nuclear program to underground facilities, they can announce this (that they have a nuclear weapon) after it is no longer possible to attack it." He went on to warn that If Israel is pushed into a corner, “it will have to act.”

In other words, Vardenafil reviews, Israel is not willing to wait, as the Obama administration proposes, until diplomatic moves and sanctions against Iran have achieved their aim, mostly because Israel is not ready to let Iran complete the transfer of its nuclear facilities to underground facilities and so make them safe from attack.

According to debkafile Vardenafil For Sale, ’s military and intelligence sources, Israel gives Iran no more than six to eight months to complete this transfer, i.e., by June to August, 2012.

Another point made by the Israeli defense minister was that some of Iran's nuclear facilities have already been hidden underground and are therefore impossible to monitor, Vardenafil no prescription, even by military satellites. He was referring especially, our sources say, to the Fordo bunker site near Qom where, according to intelligence data, Iran is about to start enriching 20-percent grade uranium to 60 percent. This would bring the program to a few weeks away from weapons grade uranium for a bomb or a warhead, Vardenafil australia, uk, us, usa.

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, former IDF military intelligence chief Maj, Vardenafil For Sale. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin estimated that Iran had already accumulated sufficient enriched uranium to build 4 to 5 nuclear bombs.

In his interview Thursday, Vardenafil pictures, Defense Minister Barak also answered former Mossad chief Meir Dagan's persistent arguments against an Israeli military strike against Iran on the grounds that it would immediately trigger a regional war:  Syria, Hizballah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad would launch attacks on Israel, seriously battering the country and inflicting heavy casualties, in Dagan's view.

Israel, Barak replied, discount Vardenafil, is nowhere near being paralyzed by messages of doom. Vardenafil For Sale, The degree of damage and number of civilian casualties would not, in his view, be alarmingly high. He repeated his estimate of early November that the casualty figure from a combined Arab missile assault resulting from an attack on Iran would be  “a lot less than 500” – especially if people took cover.
The defense minister concluded this comment by saying:  I have no idea what may happen tomorrow morning in Syria, or in Egypt.” debkafile’s military sources interpret this as meaning that the danger of a new Middle East regional war is already present  - unrelated to a possible Israeli attack on Iran, but rather as a result of the volatility set up by the uprising in Syria and the predicted rise to power in Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Islamists. Vardenafil recreational,

Dep. Foreign Minister: No Need for US to Fight for Us

Addressing Bet El Dinner, Danny Ayalon says "We will never ask the Americans to go in to harm's way for us. We can fight for ourselves."

By Fern Sidman
First Publish: 12/5/2011, 3:23 PM

Danny Ayalon
Danny Ayalon

Israel news photo


Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Sunday that Israel can fight its own wars and does not need the US to fight for it.

"Today's challenges demand that we defend our land from slander and battle the lies that are being thrown at us, Vardenafil For Sale. As Israel endures constant delegitimization we must remember that we are powerful when we are united as one," declared Ayalon on Sunday evening in New York. Delivering his remarks as the keynote speaker at the 29th annual Bet El dinner, Ayalon addressed close to 2, Vardenafil treatment,000 ardent supporters of the Bet El Yeshiva Center and community at the Marriott Marquish Hotel in Manhattan.
Praising the community of Bet El as "heroes of the Jewish people", Ayalon added: "The world tells us that our national mission in misguided and immoral and that we are illegal colonizers but nothing could be further from the truth." He added that, "at the time of our redemption, the Third Jewish Commonwealth will not be destroyed. Cheap Vardenafil no rx, We must never give up on our ability to defend ourselves by ourselves. Vardenafil For Sale, We will never ask the Americans to go in to harm's way for us. We can fight for ourselves."

Introduced by Eugen Gluck, the honorary chairman of Bet El, Ayalon drew parallels from this past week's Torah portion relating to the unwavering bond that the Jewish people have with the land of Israel. "In Parshas Vayetze, we learn that even when Yaakov Avinu had to leave the land of Israel, his mind never wondered from his homeland, Vardenafil overnight. As we follow in his footsteps, our prayers call for us to remember Zion."

Speaking of the eternal connection between G-d, our forefathers and the land of Israel, Ayalon said, "Hashem issued three separate commandments to the three different kinds of Jews. Vardenafil used for, For those who can pick up and move to Israel, we know that G-d told Avraham to leave his land and come to Israel. For those Israelis and others now living in Israel, G-d told Yitzchak to remain in the land and never leave, Vardenafil For Sale. For those who have lived outside of the land for so many years, G-d told Yaakov that he will return to his land and assured him that His presence will always be with him in exile but he will surely return."

Commenting on the escalating hostilities aimed at the Jewish state by the international community, Eugen Gluck, who has been referred to as "the backbone of Bet El" and is a most magnanimous contributor, said, purchase Vardenafil online, "I am deeply concerned about the Obama administration pushing Israel into making unacceptable territorial concessions and my concerns don't end there. I am also concerned about the endless barrage of rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza and Katyushas being fired from Lebanon into northern Israel."  He added that "Israel's survival depends on the development of cities like Bet El, and on the brave pioneers and heroes like our own Ketzaleh (Rabbi MK Yaakov Katz); men and women of vision and faith. These are people of indomitable spirit who are willing to suffer unremitting hardships in order to secure Israel's border, while living a life of Torah Judaism in Israel."

Known as "the place where Jewish history began, Vardenafil class, " Bet El, which is located in the hills north of Jerusalem, continues to exemplify the miracle of re-building of the Land of Israel through its multifarious programs which include the Beit El Yeshiva and Kollel, Teachers' College, Har Bracha Hesder Yeshiva, the Bnei Tzvi Yeshiva High School, the Ra'aya Academy for Young Women (high school), Vardenafil from mexico, the Bet El Pre-Military Academy, as well as serving as home base for Israel's premier news web site, Arutz Sheva, and other periodical literature. 

Established in 1977, when several  families moved into the Israel Defense Forces base and others settled on nearby hilltops, Buy cheap Vardenafil, Bet El was finally awarded local council status in 1997 and today 7,000 people reside there.

Remembering those IDF soldiers who are currently missing in action, the evening began with the recitation of Chapter 130 of the book of Tehillim (Psalms) for the safe return of Ron Arad, Zachary Shlomo Baumel, Zvi Feldman, Yehuda Katz and Guy Hever. 
Subsequently, a video presentation highlighting the outstanding outreach work done by members of the Bet El Yeshiva and community throughout Israel was shown, order Vardenafil online c.o.d. In addition, the video showed the October 16 dedication of the first-of-its-kind Talmudic garden that was established in Bet El through the largesse of Eugen Gluck. The unique garden integrates scenery elements from stories in the Talmud while affording the children of Bet El a garden schoolyard that is not only a venue for learning and discussion but also boasts a breathtaking view of the hills of Efraim.
Vardenafil For Sale, The roster of this year's awardees included such prestigious individuals as guests of honor Rabbi Etan and Esther Tokayer, Shomer Yisroel awardee Rubin Margules, Keter Torah Awardees, Moshe and Raizy Zicherman and Young Leadership Awardees, Dovid and Mushkee Efune.
 As the rabbi of the Kingsway Jewish Center in Brooklyn, a proud Orthodox Zionist congregation in Flatbush, Rabbi Etan Tokayer is a renowned Jewish educator and is the executive vice president of Just One Life, Vardenafil street price, an organization dedicated to helping expectant Israeli mothers in crisis. Rebbetzin Esther Tokayer is an assistant principal at the Magen David Yeshiva High School in Brooklyn which primarily serves the Syrian and Sephardic communities.

"Today there are 350,000 Jews in 121 settlements in Judea and Samaria," said Rabbi Tokayer. "As Ariel Sharon once said, if a million Jews came to live in Israel, there would be no issue of disputed territory, Vardenafil from canada. If you look at the exponential growth of Bet El, it is due to such a tremendous leader as Eugen Gluck. What if we had 100 leaders like Mr, Vardenafil For Sale. Gluck with each of them doing for an individual settlement what he did for Bet El. Can you imagine. This just shows you what a man with a vision can accomplish", Fast shipping Vardenafil, he said.
Honored for his unstinting support of the Bet El Yeshiva Center was Rubin Margules who was presented with the Shomer Yisroel Award. Vardenafil For Sale,  As a son of a Holocaust survivor Mr. Margules is a ubiquitous presence on the Zionist activist scene as his passion and love of Israel and the Jewish people are manifested in his generous support of a wide range of Jewish causes. He has also held prominent positions in the Brooklyn chapter of the Zionist Organization of America and the Jerusalem Reclamation Project.

 "Bet El is the cradle of civilization and 4,000 years later, G-d's promise has been fulfilled and we Jews have returned home", said Margules, Vardenafil schedule. "Our dedication to Bet El is a demonstration of solidarity and support. We are a beacon of light and a source of truth is a murky world filled with disinformation", he added. Likening Bet El to a beautiful rainbow, he added, "We must be ever vigilant and protective" as he referenced the possibility of homes in Judea and Samaria being demolished, Vardenafil For Sale. "This does not bring peace closer. We have already expelled Jews to calamitous results. Online buying Vardenafil hcl, We do not occupy the land; we have returned to the land that G-d gave us."
The Bet El Yeshiva Center has expressed its pride in honoring Dovid and Mushkee Efune with this year's Young Leadership Award. As the director of the Algemeiner newspaper, Dovid is credited with building the Algemeiner into the fastest growing Jewish newspaper in America. Vardenafil For Sale, "We stand side by side with Bet El in the struggle for the territorial integrity of the land of Israel," said Efune. "The greatest Jewish challenge of today is communication. We are utterly defenseless and failing in the battle of ideas. We must re-dedicate ourselves to exposing every falsehood and injustice and we must bring Israel's voice to every corner of the world," he added.

Known in their community as "silent tzedaka activists", Vardenafil brand name, this year's recipients of the Keter Shem Tov award were Moshe and Raizy Zicherman. The pursuit of chesed (charity and kindness) was instilled in this couple at a young age by their parents and Moshe is on the welcoming committee at Congregation Shlomo Zalman in Flatbush. Raizy is involved in Flatbush's Bikur Cholim organization, Tomchei Shabbos, Ha'azinu for the hearing impaired, and the PTA at their children's school, Vardenafil For Sale. After hearing Bet El Founder Ketzaleh speak at his shul, the Zichermans visited Bet El and were duly impressed with the serious commitment to Torah learning that they witnessed there and since then have become close friends of the community.
"We feel a great appreciation to Bet El and its founders who continue to settle and protect our holy land with great devotion. We want to draw attention to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel who because of their devotion, enable us to visit when we wish and be'Ezrat Hashem come to live in time", said the Zichermans.

A special memorial tribute was held for Carl Joseph Freyer, ZT"L, the founder of the Arutz Sheva news site. His widow, Sylvia Freyer, addressed the gathering. Vardenafil For Sale, Arutz Sheva was described as a "media revolution," having begun its broadcasts that offered independent news and analysis from a boat off the coast of Israel. Dinner organizers were "saddened by Mr. Freyer's loss" but extended heartfelt plaudits to him for his "fierce dedication' to providing the truth in news. Said Mrs. Freyer, "Carl always shared a close and trusting relationship with Ketzaleh and Rabbi Melamed and felt very strongly about building the land and championing issues such as establishing an especially strong medium to impart the values he believed in."

Report: Clinton Also Criticized Israel's Foreign Policy

In her remarks at the Saban Forum, Clinton criticized Netanyahu for not apologizing to Turkey over Marmara incident.

By Elad Benari
First Publish: 12/5/2011, 4:15 AM

Clinton speaking at Saban Forum
Clinton speaking at Saban Forum

Israel news photo: US State Department

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not only criticize what she claimed are Israel’s “anti-democratic” proposals in her address to the Saban Forum in Washington, but also criticized Israel’s foreign relations, Channel 10 reported on Sunday, Vardenafil For Sale.

According to the report, Clinton said in her remarks on Saturday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had been wrong when he refused to apologize to Turkey following the Gaza flotilla in May of 2010.

Turkey demanded that Israel apologize for the deaths of nine Turkish nationals onboard the Mavi Marmara. The Turkish citizens were killed when Israeli soldiers who boarded the Gaza-bound ship were forced to open fire after being attacked by the activists on board with clubs and knives.

Netanyahu refused to apologize for the incident, and Turkey responded by downgrading its diplomatic ties with Israel.

According to the Channel 10 Vardenafil For Sale, report, Clinton criticized Netanyahu’s decision, saying that by choosing not to apologize he had lost the profits which could have been gained from continuing the strategic alliance with Turkey. The report said that Clinton made her remarks in a closed forum because she was sure that her comments would not leak out.

Earlier on Sunday it was reported that in her remarks, Clinton had also alleged that Israel is showing signs of becoming anti-democratic because of a recent bill proposing limits on foreign funding of local NGOs and for allegedly trying to exclude women from public life in Israel.

Clinton picked on several Jerusalem buses, used mainly by hareidi-religious passengers who prefer separate seating for men and women as a matter of modesty. She claimed the issue is “reminiscent of Rosa Parks,” referring to a black woman who refused to give up her seat to white passengers in the United States in the 1950s.

She also jumped on the issue of requests from hareidi-religious soldiers to be excused from IDF events in which a woman is singing, which is considered by many to be a violation of the laws of modesty when performed in mixed company. She claimed the request reminds her of Iran.

Clinton’s remarks were criticized by some of the Israeli MKs, who suggested that she mind her own business.


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