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Ashton: New J'lem construction hinders EU peace efforts

Givat Hamatos project for 2,610 apartments in east Jerusalem includes expansion of Arab extension of Beit Safafa neighborhood.

The European Union on Sunday criticized Israeli plans to construct a new neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

“These initiatives run contrary to the current EU and Quartet efforts to bring about the resumption of peace negotiations,” EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

Europeans want another settlement freeze from PM
Analysis: Why did PM greenlight Gilo housing project?

The Givat Hamatos project, which is located over the 1967 Green Line, Where can i cheapest Provigil online, will include 2,600 new housing units.

On Friday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned Israeli plans to build more than 2,600 apartments in the new Jerusalem neighborhood of Givat Hamatos, over the 1967 Green Line as "unacceptable."
"The Secretary-General is deeply concerned at continued efforts to advance planning for new Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem," Ban's press office said in a statement, rx free Provigil.

"Recent developments in this regard have been unacceptable, particularly as efforts are ongoing to resume (Israeli-Palestinian) negotiations, and run contrary to the Quartet's call on the parties to refrain from provocations," it said. Is Provigil safe, "The Secretary-General reiterates that settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the remainder of the West Bank is contrary to international law," the UN statement said, adding such activity "must cease."

The Palestinian Authority on Friday also slammed the decision to build more housing units.

"Israel's plan to build 2,610 housing units .., Provigil For Sale. between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, makes a mockery of ... efforts to bring about a just and lasting peace, Provigil price," Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement.

The plan passed an important step in the approval process this week, in what activists are calling the most dramatic change in Jewish construction over the 1967 Green Line since the construction of Har Homa in late 1990s. The news of the major housing project, which will create a completely separate neighborhood between Beit Safafa and Har Homa, Buying Provigil online over the counter, was largely ignored in the news of the Gilad Schalit prisoner swap deal.

Left-wing activists and politicians slammed the plan for a new neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Provigil For Sale, “I think that this is a decisive massacre of the option of returning to negotiations with Palestinians,” said City Councilor Meir Margalit (Meretz), who holds the east Jerusalem portfolio. “Givat Hamatos is different from other neighborhoods. Construction in neighborhoods already built doesn’t scare me, but this is only on paper and this is a totally new settlement,” he said, buy no prescription Provigil online.

The plan for a new neighborhood at Givat Hamatos has been in the works for years. The general construction plan for Givat Hamatos with 2,610 housing units was approved in September. At least some of the housing units will be reserved for an Arab extension of Beit Safafa, Provigil For Sale.

However, Buy Provigil without a prescription, the project’s approval in September did not raise any red flags since the land for the project has many different owners, including the Spanish government and the Latin Patriarch, said Margalit. Determining and reorganizing the ownership for building purposes is a complicated legal process called “reparcelization” that can take years, leading activists and politicians to focus their energies elsewhere.

The reparcelization plan was deposited for public review on Tuesday, australia, uk, us, usa, which began a 60-day period for review during which the public can file oppositions to the project. With the deposit, the project is close to the end of the complicated approval process, and construction could begin as early as a year and a half from now. Provigil For Sale, Two weeks ago, the Quartet strongly denounced expansion plans for 1,100 new units in the Gilo neighborhood, which is also located across the Green Line. Provigil treatment, Peace Now’s Hagit Ofran, who heads the Settlement Watch Team, called the Givat Hamatos plan “much more dramatic.” “It’s three times the size, and it’s a whole new neighborhood and a new footprint,” she said.

Minister Katz: Death Penalty to Fogel Murderers

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz Minister calls for death penalty for murderers of Fogel family, as a message following Shalit deal.

By Elad Benari
First Publish: 10/17/2011, order Provigil no prescription, 4:08 AM

Minister Yisrael Katz
Minister Yisrael Katz

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz Minister said on Sunday that he approached Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, demanding that the Israeli government impose the death penalty on the murderers of the Fogel family.

Katz made the comments during a meeting with Likud activists in his sukkah.

According to a report on Kol Yisrael government radio, Purchase Provigil online, Katz noted that taking such a step will do justice and send a clear message, following the deal to release Gilad Shalit, that there has been a change in the government’s policy in the last 20 years.

Katz called to establish clear and binding rules on this issue, in order to prevent future blackmail by terror groups which will result in the release of more terrorist murderers in exchange for Israelis.

Amjad Awad and Hakim Awad, two cousins from the Arab village of Awarta, have both pleaded guilty for the murders of five members of the Fogel family on the night of March 11, Provigil For Sale.

Hakim has been sentenced to five consecutive life sentences and an additional five years in jail, what is Provigil.

Amjad’s sentence for his role in the Itamar massacre is still outstanding, but the prosecution has already said it does not plan on asking for the death penalty. Both cousins have expressed pride and no remorse for their bloody crimes.

Israelis divided over price for Gilad Shalit's freedom
DEBKAfile Special Report October 16, Provigil results, 2011, 10:30 PM (GMT+02:00)

Nov. 2002: Suicide bomber blows up Jerusalem bus killing 11 passengers

Provigil For Sale, Some of the most notorious Palestinian masterminds of multiple Israeli murders are in the first batch of 477 convicted terrorists who will head for the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, E. Jerusalem and deportation Tuesday, Oct. 18 as part of the price Israel agreed to pay to rescue Gilead Shalit from more than five and a half years in captivity with Hamas in Gaza.

This is the highest price Israel has ever paid to recover a captive in Arab hands, buy Provigil from canada. When Israelis saw some of the names of the Palestinians allowed to walk free on the list released Saturday night, they were jolted back to the horrific years of Palestinian terrorist atrocities which struck day after day in every corner of the country. Their huge relief over the soldier's rescue was mixed with dread, Provigil For Sale. They statistics are well-known: Sixty percent of the Palestinians released in previous prisoner swaps reverted to their old crimes. This time, Provigil long term, before the Netanyahu government approved the exchange, Israel's security chiefs asserted they were capable of containing any fresh upsurge of Palestinian terrorism in the wake of the deal.
A group of terrorist victims and bereaved families petitioned the high court to delay they handover. But they have little chance of success in view of the popular groundswell of support for the Netanyahu government's decision to bring the soldier home. Provigil For Sale, The Prime Minister's special emissary David Maidan returned from Cairo Sunday, Oct. 16, and reported he had wound up the final arrangements for the exchange, buy Provigil without prescription. Gilad Shalit's transfer route to Egypt and thence to Israel has not been released for fear of disruptions.
Of the 477 Palestinians released, 280 were serving multiple life sentences. A total of 204 prisoners will be deported overseas, Provigil for sale, 17 deported to Gaza for three years and 144 banished to Gaza permanently.
Of the 27 female terrorists, 26 will return to their homes in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, except for Amna Muna, who trapped 16-year old Ofir Nahum to his death and will be exiled to the Gaza Strip and Ahlam Tamimi, who will be banished to Jordan for transporting a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem where 15 people were killed, including five members of a single family, Provigil For Sale.
One of the first atrocities of the Palestinian intifada war was the public lynching in Ramallah on Oct. 12, 2000 of two Israeli soldiers. Abdul al-Aziz Salaha was filmed at a window holding up his bloodstained hands in triumph. He now goes free, Provigil no prescription. Provigil For Sale, Walid Anajas was serving 36 life sentences for orchestrating the attack at the Moment Café in Jerusalem which killed 12 people and the bombing of a pool hall in Rishon LeZion which left 20 people dead – both in 2001. He will be deported overseas.

Also to be released is Mohammed Shratkha, who was serving three life sentences for kidnapping and murdering the two soldiers Ilan Saadon and Avi Sasportas.

Ibrahim Shammasina, Provigil dose, from Ramallah was jailed in 1993 for four murders, two of them teenagers, one a taxi drive and the fourth a soldier. He will not return to his  West Bank home.

The second part of the deal, the release of another 550 Palestinians chosen by Israel takes place in two months, Provigil For Sale.

Some 8,000 Palestinian terrorists remain in Israeli jails, low dose Provigil. Security experts often argue their presence is an open invitation to abduct more Israeli soldiers and supports the argument for executing multiple terrorist killers. Although the death sentence for this crime is on Israel's law books, it has never been invoked for Palestinian violence.

Big US airlift drill starts Monday. Fresh Hamas demands for Gilad Shalit
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Provigil For Sale, October 16, 2011, 10:10 AM (GMT+02:00)

22nd US Airlift Squadron C-5 transport

The United States launches a large-scale exercise over the Middle East deploying 41 giant transports of the 22nds Airlift Squadron Monday Oct. Provigil maximum dosage, 17, the day before the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is scheduled to be released by Hamas. The US Transportation Command and its Air Forces Transportation will be testing its ability to provide a rapid strategic airlift response to major crises and contingencies.
Tuesday morning, when the Israel and Hamas prisoner exchange is due to be executed, the giant US transports will drill landings in Israel and Saudi Arabia, Provigil alternatives. The aircraft will be packed with command and control elements and fighting units with full equipment.
debkafile's military sources report that during this critical week, the exercise ending Friday, Oct, Provigil For Sale. 21 will keep an American air fleet in Middle East skies ready to land at any moment for any contingency. The Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi armies are on a high state of preparedness. Provigil cost, In parallel, The USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier is on its way from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.  Last Tuesday Oct. Provigil For Sale, 11, as the US officials accused the Iranian government of directing a plot to assassination the Saudi ambassador to Washington, the Stennis was nearing the Red Sea.

Aboard was the Chief of US Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert who was assigned to the operation in this arena shortly after taking up his appointment.
The missions of the Stennis Battle Group, where to buy Provigil, consisting of an additional seven warships, most of them destroyers and frigates, as well as Air Wing CVW-9, are to provide ground troops with combat support and strike land and sea targets. Herbal Provigil, It is also able to sow mines over large areas around coastal regions and on the high sea.

Sunday, Oct, Provigil For Sale. 16, US intelligence sources warned that the operation for the Israeli soldier's recovery from Hamas captivity (paid for by 1,027 jailed Palestinian terrorists) could touch off a spate of terrorist attacks in the region, most likely aimed at US embassies and Israel targets in and outside the country.

A senior US source noted that Iran, Provigil steet value, Hizballah and Syria might try and disrupt the exchange while it is in progress.

Tehran was furious with Washington for fingering Gholam Shakouri as one of the masterminds of the foiled assassination attempt.  Shakouri is Deputy Chief of the Revolutionary Guards' Al Qods Brigades. Provigil For Sale, Iran, Syria and Hizballah all, furthermore, own an interest in thwarting the transfer of Hamas' political headquarters from Damascus to Cairo which was assured in a secret provision of the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas that was brokered by the US and Egypt.

Oct. Kjøpe Provigil på nett, köpa Provigil online, 12, the day after the Shalit deal came to light, debkafile's military sources first drew attention to the danger of the three allies activating their undercover agents in the Gaza Strip to stymie the exchange.

On Oct. 14, the same warning was issued by the German spy agency's director Erns Uhrlau, buy generic Provigil.  

Sunday, circles in the IDF and Israel Defense Ministry voiced concern about the difficulties still to be overcome before Tuesday arrives, Provigil For Sale. And indeed, that morning, Cairo sources reported hitches in finalizing the transfer arrangements which the prime minister's emissary David Maidan is managing for the Israeli side in Cairo. Those sources reported that Hamas representatives had raised fresh demands over and above the provisions of the prisoner swap accord they signed last week. Purchase Provigil, They sought now to add more Palestinian female prisoners to the 27 agreed; they also wanted to delay the deportation of 40 hard-core terrorists to host countries and demanded that they stay in Egypt before their transfer.

Western sources report that Hamas hast yet to ask any foreign country to receive them.

Israelis worried by anti-Semitic flavor of 'Occupy Wall St.' protests

Israelis worried by anti-Semitic flavor of 'Occupy Wall St.' protests

A growing number of Israelis and foreign Jewish groups are expressing concern over the anti-Semitic flavor of some of the "Occupy Wall St." economic protests in the US.

From the 13th century expulsion of Englands Jews to the 19th century Russian pogroms to the Nazi Holocaust, sour economic conditions have historically formed the backdrop of rising anti-Semitism.

Last week, we reported on a lone protestor at the Wall Street sit-in who insisted that America's economic woes could all be traced back to "the Jews."

Since then that message has been picked up by others at "Occupy Wall St." demontrations around the country, order Provigil online overnight delivery no prescription.

In Los Angeles, California, protestor Patricia McAllister, who identified herself as an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District (we can only hope she is not an educator), Fast shipping Provigil, had this to say:

"I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country."

On the American Nazi Party website, leader Rocky Suhayda voiced support for "Occupy Wall St." and asked, "Who hold the wealth and power in this country. The Judeo-Capitalists, Provigil blogs. Who is therefore the #1 enemy who makes this filth happen, Provigil For Sale. The Judeo-Capitalists."

One of people reportedly responsible for organizing the "Occupy Wall St." protests, Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn, has a history of perpetuating conspiracy theories that say the Jews control America's foreign policies.

Back in New York, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, another protestor insisted that "a small ethnic group constitutes almost all of the hedge fund managers and bankers on Wall St. They are all Jewish. There is a conspiracy in this country where Jews control the media, finances… They have pooled their money together in order to take control of America."

He was kind enough to warn Russia to avoid similarly being destroyed by what in America has become a "conspiracy everyone is afraid to talk about."

The Emergency Committee for Israel, a Jewish-run Republican organization, released a video highlighting these and other anti-Semitic incidents at the "Occupy wall St." events, discount Provigil, and urging President Barack Obama to take a firm stand against such hateful rhetoric.

Israel's Yediot Ahronot Provigil For Sale, newspaper called the anti-Semitic outbursts "hard to watch," and an Israeli commenter said, "It's just like pre-World War II Nazi Germany. You think blood libels can't happen in America?"

It has been pointed out by many media commentators that the openly anti-Semitic remain but a small portion of those participating in the Occupy Wall St. movement. However, Provigil photos, others have noted that Nazi anti-Semitism started out as a fringe phenomenon in Germany before eventually defining that nation's domestic agenda in the 1940s.

More than the few Occupy Wall St. anti-Semites themselves, it is the lack of a clear and firm repudiation of their hateful rhetoric by the mainstream American media and political leaders that has a growing number of Israelis and Jews on edge, Provigil For Sale.

Arab Policemen Arrest Jews for Bowing Down on Temple Mount

Arab policemen arrested two Jews, including a prominent Yesha spokesman, for allegedly bowing down and praying on the Temple Mount.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 10/16/2011, 11:22 AM


Overlooking the Temple Mount
Overlooking the Temple Mount

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arab policemen arrested two Jews, including a prominent spokesman in Samaria, for allegedly bowing down and praying on the Temple Mount Sunday morning.

Shomron (Samaria) Liaison Spokesman David Ha’Ivri told Arutz Sheva, “We were in a group of 25 men performing the mitzvah of being seen on the Temple Mount during the Sukkot holiday.

“Suddenly, two policemen said a friend and I were bowing down, which they say is forbidden.” Ha’Ivri said the policemen were non-Jews and, responding to Arutz Sheva, identified them as Arabs.

“I told the policemen, ‘Look, there are Arab watch guards here, and they are not making a fuss about it.’ The policemen replied, 'It is forbidden to bow down, and we are just doing our job.'”

He added, “Can you imagine being indicted for bowing down?”

Ha’Ivri said he has ascended the Temple Mount several times a year for the past 20 years and  was arrested only once, many years ago.

Abiding by known rules issued by Muslim clerics, Ha’Ivri and the other members of the group did not carry with them  any prayer books or religious items, which are forbidden by Jews to being with them when going up to the Temple Mount.



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