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Report: 'Clinton Adviser Greenberg is Behind Israeli Protests'

Buy Xenical Without Prescription, Press says 100,000 – 400,000 people are taking part. Channel 2 commentator: protest is against policies that favor hareidis and settlers.

by Gil Ronen
First Publish: 9/3/2011, 10:08 PM

Protest in Haifa
Protest in Haifa

Channel 1 screenshot

Large scale protests / pop concerts dominated by secular Israelis are being held in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem and will include free performances by well known artists. The protesters demand "social justice" and a more equitable economy but their exact demands are not clear, Xenical brand name.  

According to an investigative report by Maariv's Kalman Libeskind, the protests were engineered by a group of media strategists who are directed by prominent Democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg, Xenical cost, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others. Greenberg directed the strategists to create a protest that was not led by one specific group, in order to create social ferment, online buying Xenical hcl. An unnamed left-wing leader would eventually step into this ferment and take the reins, Greenberg predicted. 

The Israeli strategists reportedly include Boaz Gaon, What is Xenical, Moshe Gaon and Eldad Yaniv, who worked in Ehud Barak's successful race for Prime Minister in 1999, also in cooperation with Greenberg. 

Press reports at around 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening estimated the total number of protesters at anywhere between 100,000 and 400,000, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. This would be the rough equivalent of the number of people represented by three to thirteen seats in the Knesset, canada, mexico, india.
The protesters are mostly secular people and the participation of nationalists in the summer-long protest wave has gradually lessened, as details emerge of left-wing involvement in their organization. Xenical online cod, In Jerusalem, Channel 2 reporter Dafna Liel said most of the protesters are secular people. Liel's mother, Rachel Liel, Xenical gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, is Director of the New Israel Fund, which has assisted the protests.

Israel's central television and internet news outlets provided live superlative-studded coverage of the protests, Buy generic Xenical, as they have throughout the summer. Central Channel 2 Buy Xenical Without Prescription, political commentator Amnon Abramovich said that the protest is against policies that favor hareidis and settlers.
The protests have been held all summer long on Saturday nights and are part demonstrations, part free live concerts. Performers in Tel Aviv Saturday night were to include popular bands like HaYehudim, Xenical forum, Hadag Nachash and singer Eyal Golan.

Tent cities that have been put up in Tel Aviv and other cities are likely to be folded up soon as summer vacation ends and cooler weather approaches.

Arab MK Praises Turkish Defiance of Israel

For MK Ibrahim Sarsoor, Where can i find Xenical online, the Palmer report is an opportunity to curse the IDF and incite the Arab world to fight Israel.

by Gil Ronen
First Publish: 9/3/2011, 9:13 PM

MK Sarsoor
MK Sarsoor

Flash 90

MK Ibrahim Sarsoor, chairman of the Raam Taal faction, published praise on Friday for Turkey's belligerent stance toward Israel following the Palmer report on the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident, Xenical images.

"Autopsies of the bodies of those killed proved that they had come under massive fire from the Israeli commandos, who fired at their backs and abdominal areas" he wrote. "This means cold blooded murder of civilians who did not pose a threat to the Israeli soldiers."

Sarsoor went on to say that "Israel's ongoing attempts to evade Turkish demands, through its suggestion to merely express regret for killing Turkish civilians, is not helpful in light of the Turkish position that is unwilling to accept bargaining at the expense of the Turkish nation and the Ummah."

Waxing poetic, Sarsoor said: "There is no doubt that Turkey's strong stance will be a model for future Arab positions, and so the Ummah shall begin to write its history anew, and so history shall return to us the taste of pride of the great Muslim historical epics."

Sarsoor went on to incite Egypt to imitate Turkey: "The Turkish leadership's stance in defense of its positions despite American attempts and mediation that served Israel, as they always do, is a lesson to the Arab leadership, and especially to the Egyptian one, after Israel recently cold bloodedly killed five Egyptian soldiers without paying any price for it."

Turkey to challenge Gaza blockade at ICJ

Crisis with Turkey: FM Ahmet Davutoglu says Ankara doesn't recognize Gaza blockade, prepares to take matter to International Court of Justice; dismisses Palmer Report conclusion that siege is legal, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Xenical from mexico, Meanwhile, Turkish paper reports Turkey planning to boost naval presence in Mediterranean Sea

Turkey is preparing to challenge Israel's blockade on Gaza at the International Court of Justice, the foreign minister said Saturday, ratcheting up tensions between the once close allies, Xenical natural.

Ahmet Davutoglu's comments came a day after Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador and severed military ties with the country angered over its refusal to apologize for last year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that killed nine pro-Palestinian activists.

Crisis with Turkey:

In an interview with Turkey's state-run TRT television, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Davutoglu dismissed a UN report into the raid that said Israel's naval blockade of Gaza was a legal security measure. Davutoglu said the report - prepared by former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer, and former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon - was not endorsed by the United Nations and was therefore not binding, Xenical description.
Ahmet Davutoglu.  <b>Xenical class</b>, Heading to The Hague. (Photo: AFP)
Ahmet Davutoglu. Heading to The Hague, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. (Photo: AFP)

"What is binding is the International Court of Justice," Davutoglu said, Xenical no prescription. "This is what we are saying: let the International Court of Justice decide."

"We are starting the necessary legal procedures this coming week," he said. Xenical over the counter, The minister said the UN report released Friday contradicted an earlier report on the Gaza flotilla incident which found that Israeli forces violated international law when they raided the flotilla. That report was prepared in September by three human rights experts appointed by the UN's top human rights body. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, Davutoglu also warned Israel that it risks alienation among Arab nations by resisting an apology.

"If Israel persists with its current position, the Arab spring will give rise to a strong Israel opposition as well as the debate on the authoritarian regimes, ordering Xenical online," he said.

Turkey to boost presence in Mediterranean

Meanwhile, Xenical wiki, a Turkish source told the Hurriyet newspaper that "the eastern Mediterranean will no longer be a place where Israeli naval forces can freely exercise their 'bullying' practices against civilian vessels."

The source said this is likely to happen following Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's statement that “Turkey would take every precaution it deems necessary for the safety of maritime navigation in the eastern Mediterranean.”

The newspaper quoted Turkish diplomats as saying that the Turkish navy will boost its activity in the eastern Mediterranean and hold reconnaissance in international waters. “A more aggressive strategy will be pursued. Israel will no longer be able to exercise its bullying practices freely," one of the diplomats said, buy Xenical online cod. The sources said that Turkish navy vessels are slated to escort aid ships to Gaza in the area between Cyprus and Israel, adding that one can expect more Turkish warships in the region, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. The warships are also slated to operate in the area where gas reserves were found by Cyprus. Ankara claims the area belongs to Turkey.

The paper also reported that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to visit the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks.

“Our prime minister has already instructed the Foreign Ministry to set a date for the visit. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, We are looking for the best timing for the visit,” one source said. “Our primary purpose is to draw the world’s attention to what is going on in Gaza and to push the international community to end the unfair embargo imposed by Israel.”

Europe urges dialgoue

European foreign ministers including France's Alain Juppe and Germany's Guido Westerwelle on Saturday urged Israel and Turkey to resume dialogue after a rift over a deadly Israeli flotilla raid.

"Our wishes are like those of the UN secretary general who said that this dispute between Israel and Turkey must be resolved through dialogue and mutual understanding, not via other means," Juppe told reporters at an informal EU foreign ministers meeting in the Polish Baltic Sea port of Sopot.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon appealed Saturday for Turkey and Israel to make up after Ankara took retaliatory measures over the Jewish state's May 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish flotilla which left eight Turks dead.

"The German government is very worried by the recent dispute between Turkey and Israel," Westerwelle said at a separate press conference in Sopot Saturday, urging "all parties" to seek a solution.

AFP contributed to this report


Fmr Israeli Mayor Explains 'The Islamic Tsunami'


The United Nations is expected to vote within a few weeks on whether to allow the creation of a Palestinian state.

A delegation of Christian leaders opposes the Palestinian bid for their own nation.

Laurie Cardozza Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice for the Nations recently visited Jerusalem and issued a proclamation.

"We stand firm with Israel against any attempt by the Palestinian Authority, the United Nations, or the Obama administration to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state," Moore said.

"We pledge to support the Israeli people and their leaders against any act that would jeopardize and integrity of Israel as a Jewish state," he read.

David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, a town located Israel's West Bank and the author of the book, "The Islamic Tsunami," talked about why the Palestinians are demanding U.N. recognition, how the recent events in Egypt and Syria have affected the U.N. bid, and the peace negotiations with Israel, on the CBN News Channel's Morning News, Sept. 2.


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