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Gaza missiles strike deeper into Israel

Gaza missiles strike deeper into Israel

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip late Wednesday night fired two long-range GRAD missiles into southern and central Israel.

The first missile exploded on the outskirts of the town of Kiryat Gat, which is at the southern end of Israel's densely populated central region.

The second landed within the city limits of the southern port of Ashkelon, purchase Imigran for sale.

The attacks caused no injuries, but a road was damaged in Ashkelon. Low dose Imigran, Israeli officials said they view the attacks as an escalation of violence, as GRAD missiles are far more accurate than the Palestinians' locally-produced Kassam rockets, can travel much further, and carry a larger payload, kjøpe Imigran på nett, köpa Imigran online.

In response, Israeli forces attacked several terrorist installations in Gaza on Thursday morning, reporting direct hits on their targets, Buy Imigran Without Prescription.

Despite the mounting violence, Israel continues to go out of its way to aid the local Palestinian population by improving economic conditions. Imigran duration, Late last month, the Israeli army stressed its ongoing efforts to help Palestinian farmers export their produce to European markets.

When some of that produce failed to meet the standards of European importers, the Israeli army set up a seminar for Palestinian strawberry growers with an expert in that field, where can i buy cheapest Imigran online.

The expert taught the Palestinians how to more properly prepare their soil, make use of pesticides and fertilizers and handle the picked fruit. Buy Imigran Without Prescription, "We want to help Palestinian hope of increasing exports to Europe and thus improving profits and the Palestinian economy at the Gaza Strip," said Lt.-Col. Buying Imigran online over the counter, Kobi Gertzvolf, head of the Directorate of Financial Coordination and Liaison in Gaza.


IAF hits several Gaza targets in response to rockets

Palestinians report buildings on fire in Khan Yunis; IDF Spokesperson confirms strikes on four tunnels in central Strip, strike in South.

The Israeli Air Force struck a number of targets in the Gaza Strip early Friday morning, Imigran for sale, following several strikes earlier Thursday and increased rocket fire emanating from the Strip in recent days.

The IDF Spokesperson confirmed that the IAF struck four terror tunnels and one terror activity base in the central Gaza Strip. Imigran description, Another target was struck in the southern strip.

Larger escalation on Gaza front not expected
IAF strikes several Gaza targets following Kassam attack

Palestinian sources reported that several buildings were on fire in Khan Yunis following the strike but there were no reports of injuries at the time of this report, Buy Imigran Without Prescription.
The IDF Spokesperson noted that the attacks were precision strikes and came as a response to the rocket fire in recent days. It added that the IDF holds Hamas responsible for maintaining calm in Gaza.

On Thursday, Imigran recreational, the IAF launched an airstrike on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket fired from Gaza that exploded in the Lachish area.

A direct hit was identified. Buy Imigran Without Prescription, The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that a Palestinian was injured in that IAF airstrike in eastern of Gaza. Imigran used for, Medical sources quoted by WAFA said the Palestinian man was lightly-to-moderately injured.

Sources in Gaza also reportedly said the targeted area suffered some damage and that Israel planes were hovering over the Strip.

Earlier police believed that a rocket that was fired from Gaza into southern Israel landed in the Lachish area.

A police bomb squad was searching for the location of impact, is Imigran addictive.

Air raid sirens in local regional councils were heard before the rocket landed and residents fled for cover, Buy Imigran Without Prescription.

No injuries or damages were reported.

In Bid to Remain 'Relevant,' Histadrut Joins Protests

In what some observers called a bid by the Histadrut to remain relevant, Imigran treatment, the union held a rally calling for 'social justice.'

by David Lev
Published: 05/08/11, 4:09 AM


Housing Protests
Housing Protests

Flash 90

In what some observers called a bid by the Histadrut to remain relevant in the wake of the protests against the high cost of living, the union held a rally in Tel Aviv Thursday night, busing in workers from organizations such as the Israel Electric Company and the Mekorot water company, order Imigran no prescription, and from its No'ar Oved Velomed youth chapters.

In a poll by business newspaper Globes, Imigran without prescription, IEC workers were this year again highest paid in Israel, as they have been for many years in the past. Mekorot workers were in second place in terms of salary and benefits.

Other organizations represented at the rally included Tnuva, what is Imigran, Bank Hapoalim, and train and airport workers, Order Imigran online overnight delivery no prescription, as well as municipal workers. Workers held signs demanding social justice and declaring their support for protests in the tent cities demanding affordable housing Buy Imigran Without Prescription, . There were also many signs demanding that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his government resign. Estimates of how many people attended the rally ranged from just several thousand to close to 10,000, buy Imigran from canada.

“After having changed our approach from a socialist to a capitalist one, we have lost our compassion. Comprar en línea Imigran, comprar Imigran baratos, We have become fully capitalistic, and hog-like capitalists at that,” Histadrut chairman Ofer Eini said at the rally. He called on Netanyahu to “listen to us, listen to the people, Buy Imigran Without Prescription. The high housing prices are not an edict from heaven, Imigran price, coupon, but the result of this and previous governments to build sufficiently.”

Eini said that the Histadrut would join the protests from now on, beginning with another massive protest planned for Saturday night. Imigran online cod, “We are with you and will strengthen you in all protests and meetings,” Eini said, addressing his remarks to students and tent-protesters who have been demonstrating for weeks. In response, Imigran from canadian pharmacy, one protester – not a Histadrut member – was quoted by Channel 1 news as saying that while she appreciated any help the protest movement could get, “I am not sure Ofer Eini should be standing on stage and pretending to be a leader of this. Imigran reviews, I don't think the Histadrut leadership or many of the workers have too much trouble finishing the month on their incomes.”


Interior Ministry approves 930 new units in Har Homa

Ministry touts project as part of solution for lack of affordable housing; Peace Now: Gov't trying to score points with settlements policy.

Against the background of hundreds of tent-dwelling activists protesting against the lack of affordable housing, a controversial new neighborhood with 930 apartments in east Jerusalem was given final approved on Thursday. Two years after it was first deposited for approval Buy Imigran Without Prescription, , the Interior Ministry’s Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee gave their final approval for Har Homa C, which is located on a hill adjacent to the current Har Homa neighborhood.

In a nod to the protesters, Interior Minister Eli Yishai said that 20% of the apartments will be smaller apartments destined to be more accessible to young couples, is Imigran safe. He added that he had instructed his office to promote projects that had a mix of large and small apartments in order to address the lack of affordable housing. “We are continuing to build in Jerusalem and in all of Israel, Imigran cost, ” Yishai said in a statement. “The lack of real estate is severe and we will not stop projects.”

42 MKs: Settlement building would solve housing crisis
Erekat: Israeli gov't is sabotaging peace process
PMO approves controversial J'lem housing discussion

The project has come up for discussion a number of times in the past year, including twice in the spring, though each time it was delayed for political reasons, my Imigran experience. It was delayed when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited London, and then again when President Shimon Peres met with President Obama, Buy Imigran Without Prescription. The moves were interpreted as a confidence-building gesture in order to avoid the Ramat Shlomo fiasco of March 2010, when 1600 units were approved in Ramat Shlomo during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit, Imigran no rx, which the Americans treated as a personal affront.

Even with the final approval from the Interior Ministry, it will still be at least two years until the apartments begin construction. First, effects of Imigran, the state must publish tenders and approve a contractor, and all of the infrastructure must be laid for the new neighborhood, Imigran samples, including roads, pipes, and electricity.

Despite the ministry’s claim that it would ease the housing shortage, Imigran dose, leaders from across the spectrum dismissed the fact that the approval was in any way spurred by the three-week-long housing protests sweeping the country. Buy Imigran Without Prescription, “It’s a shame it just happened now, it just goes to show that all the delays were just royalty making a performance, because at the end they were going to approve them, so why not approve it half a year ago rather than now?” asked Jerusalem City Council member Elisha Peleg (Likud).

“It’s important to release as much land as possible for building, Imigran dosage, without connection , we’ve known for years that there’s a housing lack. What, this is news, purchase Imigran. We need all of these protests to know there’s a housing shortage?” he added.

Peace Now map

Peace Now accused Yishai of “cynically exploiting the housing shortage to force young couples to move to settlements on economic grounds.”

“Just imagine does Netanyahu say, Real brand Imigran online, well, there are no apartments in Israel, so I have to go occupy Bethlehem. What’s the problem with building in Israel?” asked Peace Now’s settlement expert Hagit Ofran, Buy Imigran Without Prescription.

“I think that whoever is against the project is against it for ideological reasons, herbal Imigran, and they will be against it whether there is  a lack of housing or not,” she said. Online buy Imigran without a prescription, “The government is trying to score points with the policy of settlements.”

Ofran added that activists see Har Homa as one of the most controversial Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, because it was started after the Oslo accords and because it creates a barrier of Jewish homes between east Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods and Bethlehem. The idea of “continuous territory” is an explosive issue, and one that presents a severe stumbling block to negotiations about a future Palestinian state, buy Imigran without prescription, said Ofran. 
An official in the Prime Minister's Office downplayed the significance of the Interior Ministry approval, saying "there is nothing new here," and that this project has been in the works for some time.

"The Prime Minister never agreed to a construction freeze in Jerusalem," the official said. Buy Imigran Without Prescription, "He has been above board about this."

The official dismissed concerns that this would only harden the Palestinian resolve to ask the UN for statehood recognition in September, saying "I don't see this as a factor in their decision."

"No one was surprised by this," the official added, "least of all the Palestinians."

Herb Keinon contributed to this report.


Poll Reveals 4 out of 5 Palestinians Support Hamas


JERUSALEM -- A new poll among Palestinians indicates there's overwhelming support for the charter of the terrorist group Hamas -- a dangerous element if the Palestinians gain statehood in September.

The Israel Project found that 80 percent Palestinians support Hamas. The desire to annihilate the Jewish people is one of the main goals of the Hamas organization.

"Eighty percent is a very frightening number so it's very disturbing to see these significant numbers," Jennifer Laszlo-Mizrachi, founder and president of The Israel Project.

"But that's still not surprising because they have been indoctrinated over generations to hate Israel and Jews," she added.

The Israel Project is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to getting the facts about Israel and the Middle East to the press, policy leaders and the public.

Laszlo-Mizrachi says the "Arab spring" uprisings brought about change in the Middle East, but not necessarily for the good.

"The paradigm shift can be dangerous because the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist terrorists could take over Egypt," she explained. "For example, we saw the very dangerous situation where after Israel withdrew from Gaza that the Hamas took over Gaza."

Even so, The Israel Project is reaching out to Palestinians through the Internet and Facebook in an attempt to convince them that peace with Israel is in their best interest.

"Economic stability and jobs is the number one thing that Palestinians want. Peace with Israel is good for Palestinian jobs and for a better future. So we have to convince them and they have to see for themselves that a shared future is not only important for Israel's security, but also for Palestinian prosperity and peace," Laszlo-Mizrach explained.

The poll results also contained many contradictions that include:

  • Palestinians wanting want one state not two

  • A denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem

  • A call for jihad

However, they are against firing rockets at Israeli civilians and favor peace talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Veteran pollster Stanley Greenberg says such results are not uncommon.

"I don't think they feel they have to resolve these contradictions because life is not changing very much," he said.

But he says as long as the Palestinian leadership doesn't deal with these attitudes, there won't be a peace agreement.

"The big issues have not been addressed. You're not going to get an agreement unless there's change from Palestinian opinion from where it is now. But that requires leaders that say one state's not possible. We know that," Greenberg said.


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