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Lieberman: Oslo Void If PA Declares State

by Gavriel Queenann

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told European Union counterpart Catherine Ashton on Friday a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinian Authority would nullify the Oslo Accords. About Paxipam,

The 1993 Olso Accords, which stipulate a bilateral framework and proscribe unilateral moves, serve as the basis for economic, Paxipam for sale, infrastructure, Australia, uk, us, usa, and security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

"A move like that will be a violation of all the agreements that were signed until today. Israel will no longer be committed to the agreements signed with the Palestinians in the past 18 years," Lieberman said.

"In light of Abbas's current stance, Paxipam without a prescription, the chances for negotiations are zero, Paxipam coupon, " Lieberman added, dowsing speculation set in motion by Shimon Peres who said peace was possible before September.

"Abbas is not interested in an agreement," the foreign minister explained, rx free Paxipam. "He wants conflict, Paxipam online cod, because that is his personal interest, even though it is against the Palestinians' interest, and many oppose him."

"Israel is prepared to renew negotiations, purchase Paxipam online no prescription. Paxipam For Sale, The ball is in the Palestinians' court," Lieberman said.

The nullification of the Oslo Accords would, in all likelihood, render a nascent PA state not viable and ultimately force Israel to assert jurisdiction in areas currently administered by the PA.

It is unlikely the PA, whose US-trained and equipped security forces number 41,000, would accept such an outcome peaceably. The Olso Accords stipulated a maximum force of 30, Buy no prescription Paxipam online, 000 for the PA.

Ashton Trying to Reinvigorate Stalled Talks

Ashton arrived in Israel on Friday after visiting Jordan in what observers said was a bid to urge both sides to return to the negotiating table.

"We are well aware that September is fast approaching. With the events of the Arab Spring and following President Obama's speech, it is more urgent than ever to engage in meaningful negotiations and move the Peace Process forward, online buying Paxipam," Ashton's office said in a formal statement.

"The EU's position on this is clear, Paxipam pictures, as set out in Council conclusions. That is the message passed on very clearly in her meeting with Minister Lieberman," the statement added.

Ashton is expected to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday, buy Paxipam no prescription.  



Hamas Rejects Unprecedented Deal for Schalit

by Gavriel Queenann

The London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Friday that Hamas's military wing vetoed a 'good deal' offered by Israel.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Friday for the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit

Schalit has been held by the Hamas terrorist organization for five years without visits from international bodies such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Sources from Merkel's office said a draft of a final agreement for Shalit's release prompted the joint statement, Paxipam For Sale. Paxipam treatment, German mediators in the Shalit deal reportedly visited Gaza two months ago.

According to the sources 1,000 Palestinian Authority Arab prisoners would be handed over in exchange for Schalit, but the Hamas military wing vetoed the proposal.

Other sources close to the negotiations indicated France and Germany offered to extend de facto recognition to the Hamas government in Gaza, Paxipam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, which would allow for European investment in the territory, Paxipam samples, and were working to ease border restrictions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "offered Hamas a good deal, better than anything offered by Olmert," Al-Sharq al-Awsat" said.

Hamas's political leadership accepted the proposal, real brand Paxipam online, but the military leadership, Paxipam from mexico, which has ties with Iran, rejected it," the report said.

Egypt, Paxipam wiki, another mediator in the deal, Online Paxipam without a prescription, was also reportedly involved in trying to broker a deal for Schalit's release.

"We have once again taken up managing the matter and we will work according to what we believe are better and improved terms within the framework of the changes that must be made," Egyptian officials told al-Hayyat.

Israeli officials have refused to respond to the report.



Barak: Israel Will Build Houses Then Cede Them

by Gavriel Queenann

Defense Minister Ehud Barak says the Palestinian Authority should not object to Israeli construction in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem because Israel will just hand over anything in areas ceded during talks anyway, canada, mexico, india.

"There's a reality on the ground and natural population growth. Paxipam schedule, People need to build kindergartens," Barak said, noting another construction freeze is not possible.

"But why should the Palestinians care, purchase Paxipam for sale. If a building is constructed on land that will be transferred to them under a peace agreement, Generic Paxipam, they will get the building, hence the issue if of no significance," Barak argued.

According to PA official Saeb Erekat, Abbas is in favor of renewing negotiations with Israel but demands Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu first stop construction in all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.

"We call on the European Union to support the recognition of Palestine in the United Nations based on '67 lines," Erekat was quoted as saying.

Barak Optimistic About US Support

Barak told France 24 TV he believes the United States will veto any United Nations Security Council resolution recognizing PA statehood in September.

While the US has not officially said it will exercise its veto on Israel's behalf, its strong position against such a declaration makes such a move likely.

Also, PA official Saeb Erekat said after a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he fully expected the US to use its veto on Israel's behalf.

Barak concluded the interview saying he hoped the United States would succeed in convincing Quartet members to follow suit, but admitted Russia was unlikely to change its position.

"There's a 50-50 chance that negotiations will resume before September," Barak said.  "We'll consider any initiative."



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