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 Rekindled Syrian protests could revive Assad's threat to hit Israeli border
DEBKAfile Special Report Lunesta For Sale, June 4, 2011, 5:55 PM (GMT+02:00)

It's still not over for Bashar Assad?

Two unforeseen events Friday, June 3 rekindled Syrian protests with full force - just as Syrian President Bashar Assad was preparing to celebrate his reassertion of authority after suppressing the uprising against his regime with active Iranian and Hizballah help: The leaders of the Syrian opposition-in-exile meeting in Antalya under Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's aegis struck a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood which brought 100,000 Brotherhood loyalists back on the streets in the northern town of Hama.
debkafile's military sources disclose: Just as the conference of major Syrian opposition party leaders approached a fruitless ending, the Muslim Brotherhood, consented to introducing a clause in the "National Unity Charter" providing for the separation of religion and state in the guidelines of the post-Assad regime.
The MB made this concession after consulting with the group's leaders in Cairo and under heavy Turkish pressure.
It means that, even if the Brotherhood, Lunesta australia, uk, us, usa, which is banned and persecuted under the Assad regime, does run for election, the regime taking over would not be religious in nature.
This decision is of major significance not only for Syria but also for Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians where the Muslim Brotherhood has a strong presence.
Word of the Antalya accord flashed through Hama, center of the Brotherhood's revolt against the Assad family since 1982, and brought half the population out on the streets, Lunesta For Sale. Taking Lunesta, Syrian security forces were caught unawares. Someone on the spot or along the higher Syrian and Iranian chain of command in Damascus panicked. An order went out to shoot directly into the crowd and break up the demonstration with maximum casualties. The result of up to 150 dead and 350 injured ignited fresh outbreaks in neighboring Homs, a town of more than 1.2 million inhabitants. Lunesta For Sale, Northern Syria was aflame again after the uprising in the North and most other parts of Syria had largely subsided last week.
Fresh disturbances also hit the southern province of Horan and its capital Deraa a month after unrest there had been suppressed by troops shooting dead more than 500 protesters and injuring thousands. Covert Saudi agents operating from Ramtha in neighboring Jordan managed to whip up fresh anti-Assad riots in Deraa and Deir a-Zur among the Shamar, herbal Lunesta, a nomadic tribe which roams across the Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi borders and whose center is in northern Saudi Arabia.
The new outbreaks confronted President Assad with a fresh challenge at the very moment that he was polishing his victory speech to celebrate the crushing of the revolt against him.

He must now decide between carrying on with his iron-fist crackdown to douse persistent protests, or rely on the new bloodbath in Hama, Lunesta dosage, Deraa and Deir a-Zur to act as a deterrent against the nationwide revival of mass demonstrations.

The third option, which he threatened earlier in the three-month revolt, would be to re-channel the fury directed against his regime into aggression on the Syrian-Israeli border, Lunesta For Sale.

Arabs prepare to march on Israel's borders

Arabs prepare to march on Israel's borders

The Israeli army this week was busy readying itself for the next pan-Arab assault on Israel's borders, scheduled for Sunday.

Two weeks ago, Arabs from Lebanon, is Lunesta addictive, Syria and Gaza marched on Israel's borders in an effort to infiltrate the Jewish state en masse. They were marking Nakba Day - the Day of Catastrophe when Israel was reborn as a nation-state.

The Nakba Day demonstrations saw at least 100 Syrians cross into the Golan Heights, where many clashed with Israeli soldiers. Lunesta For Sale, The upcoming demonstration will mark "Naksa Day" - the Day of the Setback, the anniversary of the start of the Six Day War in 1967. Demonstrations are planned for Sunday and Tuesday. Buy Lunesta online cod, Sunday, which is the actual anniversary of the war, is expected to see the largest confrontations.

Israeli forces are determined that there will be no border breaches this time, but that the Arabs will also not score a public relations victory by baiting the IDF into killing demonstrators.

Israeli soldiers have been ordered to first shout for the demonstrators to halt if they approach the border. If the demonstrators continue to advance, the Israelis will fire warning shots in the air, Lunesta For Sale. If that doesn't work, after Lunesta, the soldiers are authorized to direct non-lethal fire at the demonstrators' lower extremities.

Reports out of Lebanon suggest that some 100,000 may participate in Sunday's march. But the Lebanese army has also suggested it will not allow any of them to reach the border.

John Bolton: US Can Stop PA Initiative by Halting Funds for UN

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A Congressional law that would stop funding for the United Nations if it recognizes the Palestinian Authority as a state would stop the plan in its tracks, says John Bolton, Lunesta description, former American Ambassador to the international body and a possible presidential candidate.

The United Nations is slated to discuss in September an Arab League motion to recognize the Palestinian Authority with borders based on the temporary 1949 Armistice Lines that defined Israel’s territory.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, Bolton dismissed the possibility that U.S. President Barack Obama would take such action on his own. He wrote, “Mr, Lunesta For Sale. Obama is highly unlikely to do anything so decisive, which is why many in America and Israel remain gravely concerned about this latest Palestinian diplomatic ploy.”

Bolton noted that although U.N, doses Lunesta work. recognition of the Palestinian Authority does not mean it would have membership in the United Nations, “It would nonetheless be a major Palestinian success.”

As far back as 1988, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) issued a "declaration of statehood” and changed the name of its observer delegation to the United Nations from the PLO to Palestine.

“The Palestinians then campaigned to join U.N. bodies like the World Health Organization, Low dose Lunesta, reasoning that since U.N. Lunesta For Sale, agency charters allow only states as members, the admission of ‘Palestine’ would prove that it, too, was a state,” Bolton explained in his op-ed article.

He noted that at the time, Secretary of State James Baker warned publicly, “I will recommend to the President that the United States make no further contributions, voluntary or assessed, to any international organization which makes any changes in the PLO's status as an observer organization."

Bolton stated, “Although defeating the PLO campaign required further maneuvering, Lunesta mg, Mr. Baker's statement was the death knell of the ‘statehood’ push.”

After writing that President Obama will not take such action, Bolton turned to Congress, which he said “has a rich history of dealing with U.N. actions it doesn't appreciate. Lunesta natural, Rather than wait for a Baker-like threat, Congress should legislate broadly that any U.N. action that purports to acknowledge or authorize Palestinian statehood will result in a cutoff of all U.S, Lunesta For Sale. contributions to the offending agency….

“Reducing U.S. funding to the U.N. is the next available, highly visible, where to buy Lunesta, target of opportunity. Lunesta For Sale, It presents the U.N. membership with a fascinating question: Would they rather recognize Palestinian statehood, or keep America's money?"




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