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Sunday, March 4th, 2012

MUST SEE: With friends like Obama...

MUST SEE: With friends like Obama...


The Emergency Committee for Israel has published a YouTube video that properly puts into perspective the relationship between Israel and the Obama Administration.

Obama has consistently insisted that he is Israel's greatest friend, online buying Modafinil hcl, and in the run-up to this week's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Discount Modafinil, the White House has been talking tougher than ever on the Iran threat.

But Obama's actions have revealed his true agenda, and his true feelings toward Israel. Watch the video, Modafinil recreational, and you will come to understand that with a friend like Obama, Buy Modafinil from canada, Israel's long list of enemies has grown even longer.

Romney Warns: Re-elect Obama and Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons

Republican presidential hopeful warns: Iran will obtain nuclear weapons if President Barack Obama is elected for a second term.

By Elad Benari

First Publish: 3/5/2012, 5:42 AM

Romney at a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio

Romney at a campaign stop in Dayton, purchase Modafinil online, Ohio


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney warned on Sunday that Iran would obtain nuclear weapons if President Barack Obama is re-elected for a second term in the November elections.

“It’s pretty straightforward in my view, Comprar en línea Modafinil, comprar Modafinil baratos, ” AFP quoted Romney as having told supporters in Georgia. “If Barack Obama is re-elected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change if that’s the case.

“This is a president who has failed to put into place crippling sanctions against Iran, Modafinil samples,” said Romney, Cheap Modafinil no rx, adding that Obama has also failed to make it clear “that it’s unacceptable to America for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.”

Romney’s remarks came several hours after Obama addressed the AIPAC Policy Conference. In his speech Obama vowed to use force against Tehran if necessary, but insisted that sanctions were working.

"I have said that I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say,” Obama said in the speech, Modafinil For Sale. “That means all elements of American power: political, economic and military, buy Modafinil without prescription. Iran's leadership should understand that I do not have a policy of containment. Generic Modafinil, I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. And I have made clear time and again, I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests.”

He added, get Modafinil, however, Modafinil photos, “Already there is too much loose talk of war. Modafinil For Sale, Now is not the time for bluster. Now is the time to let our increased pressure to sink in. Now is the time to heed the timeless words of Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

In his remarks, Modafinil natural, Romney said Obama had “failed to communicate that military options are on the table and in fact in our hand.”

“I will have those military options, Modafinil forum, I will take those crippling sanctions and put them into place, and I will speak out to the Iranian people of the peril of them becoming nuclear,” said Romney.

Romney has won eight states in the Republican primaries so far, Modafinil dangers, the latest win being on Saturday in Washington state.

Romney won the primaries in Arizona and Michigan earlier in the week, About Modafinil, beating main challenger Rick Santorum who defeated him in three states in the beginning of February. The candidates are now campaigning in Super Tuesday states.

Romney, Santorum and Newt Gingrich, Modafinil price, another Republican presidential hopeful will all address the AIPAC Policy Conference on Tuesday.

Romney, Buy cheap Modafinil, who has expressed his strong support for Israel, has criticized Obama for throwing “Israel under the bus” and suggested there should not be “an inch of difference" between the U.S. and Israel, Modafinil price, coupon. His website says he “will reject any measure that would frustrate direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Netanyahu Hints Israel May Go It Alone, in Response to Obama

PM says: "Perhaps most important of all, I appreciated the fact that he said that Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself."

By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 3/4/2012, 9:35 PM

Netanyahu in Ottawa

Netanyahu in Ottawa



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded Sunday to U.S, Modafinil For Sale. President Barack Obama's speech at the AIPAC convention, Fast shipping Modafinil, and may have hinted at Israel's determination to go it alone against Iran, should it have no choice.

"I very much appreciated the fact that President Obama reiterated his position that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and that all options are on the table," said Netanyahu, effects of Modafinil, who is in Ottawa.

"I also appreciated the fact that he made clear that when it comes to a nuclear armed Iran, Buy Modafinil from mexico, containment is simply not an option, and equally in my judgment, perhaps most important of all, Modafinil brand name, I appreciated the fact that he said that Israel must be able to defend itself, Modafinil class, by itself, against any threat. I appreciate all his statements and I look forward to discussing them further with President Obama tomorrow."

The fact that Netanyahu placed the most stress on his "appreciation" of Obama's recognition that Israel must be able "to defend itself, Modafinil dosage, by itself, Modafinil steet value, " may indicate that he is thinking about acting against Iran's nuclear program without waiting for the U.S. to do so.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu added that he also spoke with President Shimon Peres and congratulated him on the fact that he is due to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Modafinil pictures. The Prime Minister noted that this is a great honor for the State of Israel.

Modafinil For Sale, Video: Roi Avraham. Leon Hershko, Modafinil cost, GPO

Assad Threatens Israel With Missiles if Syria is Attacked

Report: Assad has ordered his military to hit Israel with a barrage of missiles should there be any foreign intervention in Syria.

By Elad Benari

First Publish: 3/4/2012, 4:37 AM

A demonstrator punches through a portrait of President Assad

A demonstrator punches through a portrait of President Assad


Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered the heads of his military to hit Israel with a barrage of missiles should there be any foreign intervention in Syria, a Jordanian news website reported on Saturday.

According to the site, kjøpe Modafinil på nett, köpa Modafinil online, Our Country’s News, Modafinil dose, Assad gave the order in a secret meeting with the heads of the Syrian army last Thursday, in light of his fear of a U.S. military strike in Syria.

The report said that Assad ordered that if any military action is started against Syria, buying Modafinil online over the counter, the Syrian army should respond by firing missiles in Israel, Order Modafinil from United States pharmacy, with a particular emphasis on Israeli military airports.

The report added that an operations room has been opened in Damascus and that it is continuously manned by officers from Syria and Iran, as well as by Hizbullah terrorists, all of whom coordinate their military operations in the event of external military intervention in Syria.

A similar operations room has been opened in Tehran, purchase Modafinil, said the report, Is Modafinil safe, and is manned by Iranian as well as by Hizbullah terrorists.

Hizbullah has also opened a similar operations room in Lebanon, said the Jordanian website, and Iran and Hizbullah have promised Syria to launch missiles at Israel from their territories as well.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently warned that sophisticated weapons could be transferred from Syria to Lebanon and to Hizbullah should Assad fall.

Major General Yair Golan, Modafinil without a prescription, head of the Northern Command, has also warned that Assad’s fall will result in Hizbullah’s taking over his arsenal of advanced missiles.

“There is a very real danger that if Assad’s regime falls apart, his arsenal of advanced weapons, including ground-to-sea missiles and aerial defense systems, will fall into the hands of Hizbullah and other radical groups,” the senior general said in a recent interview.

Sabbath Rocket Attacks Continue

Terrorists in Gaza launched a total of five rockets into the Eshkol Regional Council on the Sabbath. No physical injuries or property damage

By Gavriel Queenann

First Publish: 3/3/2012, 6:56 PM


Kassam rockets

Kassam rockets

Israel news photo: Wikimedia Common

Saturday, shortly before dusk, terrorists in the Gaza strip fired two rockets into Israel

The rockets landed in an open field in the Eshkol Regional Council.

No physical injuries or property damage was reported.

The Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades – the Hamas terror militia responsible for mortar and rocket attacks on Israel – refused to comment on the attack.

Saturday's rocket attack follows the firing of three rockets into the same region of Israel on Friday.

No physical injuries or property damage was reported in that incident, either.

The Eshkol Regional Council lies on the Ashkelon coast, South of Tel Aviv and is a routinely targeted by terrorists firing rockets and mortars.

The IDF spokesperson's officer confirmed the rocket attacks.  No military response has been reported as of yet..

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