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Monday, May 30th, 2011

IHH Warns Israel: Don't Touch the Flotilla

by Chana Ya'ar

The terrorist-linked Turkish IHH organization Imitrex For Sale, is warning Israel not to try to stop the group's second flotilla when it attempts to breach the maritime blockade of Gaza.

A news conference was held Monday aboard the Mavi Marmara ship, where nine terror activists last year died after attacking IDF naval commandos who boarded the vessel to redirect it to Ashdod port. Speaking to reporters, IHH spokesman Huseyin Oruc asserted confidently, Imitrex class, “They will not attack. We don't believe they will repeat the same big mistake against humanity.”

The vessel was docked at a port in Istanbul after having been returned to Turkey by Israel following last year's incident. “It is the Mavi Marmara, it is a peace boat and the other 14 boats are also peace boats,” Oruc claimed.

Activists aboard the Mavi Marmara last year wielded iron rods, clubs, knives and other weapons, as they fell upon each soldier who landed on the deck from a helicopter hovering above, Imitrex For Sale. The Israeli soldiers were equipped solely with paintball guns and small pistols, Imitrex from mexico. Several were badly injured.

It was later discovered that of the six flotilla vessels allegedly carrying “humanitarian aid” to Gaza by sea, the Mavi Marmara carried nothing at all, other than terror activists prepared to attack Israelis. Buy cheap Imitrex no rx, Despite the video evidence of what occurred aboard the vessel, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told Reuters on Monday it was up to Israel to avoid a repeat of the incident. Imitrex For Sale, Davutoglu added that Israel should end its “illegal” blockade of Gaza, and said his government could not stop its citizens from attempting another flotilla to the region.

“No democratic country can think they have full control over these NGOs (non-governmental organizations), he said.

Israel's deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, meanwhile, is Imitrex addictive, warned in response that any flotilla would be stopped. 


Bibi: UN Statehood for PA is Like Declaring the World is Flat

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

If the United Nations in September declares the Palestinian Authority to be a state, it might as well decide the world is flat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Monday, Imitrex For Sale.

He said Israel cannot stop the resolution from going forward and has few friends n the international body, but a veto from any member of the United Nations Security Council would block the proposal from reaching the General Assembly, whose anti-Israel majority likely would approve it.

"The General Assembly cannot take the initiative but we are ready to do our work as soon as a recommendation of the Security Council would be addressed, order Imitrex from United States pharmacy,” Joseph Deiss, president of the General Assembly said at a recent news conference.

A recommendation for a new member of the United Nations must come from the Security Council, whose permanent members are the United States, Buy Imitrex from canada, Britain, France, China and Russia. U.S. Imitrex For Sale, President Barack Obama stated last week that it would be a mistake to declare the Palestinian Authority as a state without negotiations, but he has not specifically stated he would order a veto when the Arab League  proposal comes up for a vote.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Knesset committee, "There is very strong support for Israel among the American people.”

Congress members stood up 31 times with loud rounds of applause during his speech before a special session of the House of Representatives and the Senate last week, buy no prescription Imitrex online.  

Jerusalem Arabs ask Israel to remain in control

Jerusalem Arabs ask Israel to remain in control

The Israeli Knesset's Interior Committee met on Monday to discuss future control of Jerusalem as pressure mounts for Israel to surrender the city's eastern half to the Palestinian Authority.

Among those slated to address the committee were Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem who want to continue living under Israeli sovereignty. Imitrex price, coupon, That these Arabs would risk their lives to come forward and request to remain part of Israel debunks the international misconception most recently enunciated by US President Barack Obama that the Palestinian Arabs cannot reach their full potential or live dignified lives while under "Israeli occupation."

It also provides further evidence for the conclusion of Israel Today's recent cover story revealing that many Palestinian Arabs do not want an independent state, and already live in peace and prosperity with their Jewish neighbors.

Monday's Knesset gathering was called by lawmakers who are growing increasingly concerned over how parts of eastern Jerusalem are slowly falling under the de facto control of the Palestinian regime, Imitrex For Sale.

"Signs of Israeli sovereignty are disappearing in parts of Jerusalem that are behind the partition fence and their place is being taken by hostile elements," wrote the lawmakers. "This, despite the lack of any decision by the Knesset or the government on the matter."

They warned that this "impotence leads to the de facto division of Jerusalem."




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