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Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, This article was published by Arutz Sheva News. The name and personal details of "X-Muslim" remain confidential for reasons of personal safety, as he still lives in an Arab country hostile to Israel.

Cheshvan 14, Betnovate without a prescription, 5769, Betnovate images, 12 November 08 10:19by "X-Muslim"

( Shalom. As an Arab Muslim I once asked myself: Why do I hate Israel. I really thought about this question, Betnovate overnight. After only a little deliberation, Betnovate natural, the answer was clear: because I am a Muslim and Islam is extremely intolerant.

It's intolerance to everything non-Muslim that is the problem. But today I have rejected the teachings of Islam for this very reason, Buy Betnovate Without Prescription. I have left Islam.

As an Arab "Palestinian", living in an Arab country, Betnovate samples, coming from a Muslim family, Betnovate cost, I was brought up with hatred of Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims. Now I'm older, Betnovate dangers, I have matured enough to view the world from a different perspective. Buy no prescription Betnovate online, I reviewed real history and studied the sequence of events before and since the restoration of the State of Israel. I decided to step outside the mindset of a typical Muslim. Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, It didn't take long to realize that I was on the wrong track and I moved quickly to the other side. In order to be at peace with myself, online Betnovate without a prescription, I have come to reject the hatred of Israel and now love my former enemy. My Betnovate experience, I have not embraced another religion, but I am seeking a new spiritual path.

Why do the Arabs and Muslims have to reject the presence of a Jewish state in a tiny percentage of the land of the Middle East. Why does Islamic intolerance forbid other nations their right to exist in their own land, order Betnovate from mexican pharmacy. The whole world should realize that Islam is at war with all nations on the planet. In our Muslim societies it is not "the extremists", but the whole society infected with this hatred, Buy Betnovate Without Prescription. Betnovate dosage, It is in the mosques, the schools, in the media and in the homes of nearly every Muslim family, Betnovate alternatives. It isn't just Israel they hate, Effects of Betnovate, but America and Christians as well. Islam hates all other religions.

In the case of Israel, its only fault is that it's a Jewish state that wants to live in peace within its borders, kjøpe Betnovate på nett, köpa Betnovate online. It's not a struggle of so-called "Palestinians" to establish a country and retain some land, Betnovate mg, which was never theirs - I know, because I studied the real history. Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, The real problem is racism and the intolerance of Muslims, the blind hatred and jealousy when seeing a flourishing, strong and modern country where people from other faiths can live peacefully.

Why are the Jews forbidden to have a country. These people have contributed much to the world's culture and offered the best scientists, buy Betnovate online no prescription, artists, Betnovate price, coupon, doctors; and they have been victims of intolerance throughout history. Why are they forbidden to live in their national Zionist dream and return to their homeland, which was some desert which they cultivated and transformed into one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, order Betnovate online overnight delivery no prescription. Why do the Arabs and the Muslim world have to take everything and claim every land they step on as theirs?

"Palestine" never existed and should never exist - and this is coming from me, Betnovate interactions, an Arab classified as a "Palestinian." The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel and would not bring one day of peace to Israel. I know how my people think. Promoting such a state would be the equivalent of supporting the Nazis in their quest to destroy the Jews.

Israel has already made the mistake twice of giving land for peace, once in Southern Lebanon and secondly in Gaza, Buy Betnovate Without Prescription. We all know the terrible results: the expansion of Hizbullah's power in Lebanon and the creation of a terrorist state in Gaza, Betnovate schedule. Hamas and other terrorist organizations now have the space to launch more terrorist attacks and hostile activities on Israeli cities and villages.

Israel's right to exist shouldn't be open for discussion. Generic Betnovate, Hamas, Hizbullah or Islamic Jihad, and the people behind them, Betnovate blogs, must be destroyed. Rx free Betnovate, Nothing should hinder Israel's army to do whatever it takes to protect their people and ensure the safety of Israel, from Tel Aviv to the smallest settlement inside Israel, which should include Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

I don't blame the Israeli army for any defensive measure it takes, Betnovate from canada. Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, It fought Islamic terrorism long before any other nation faced their atrocities. The Israeli soldiers have been on the front line on behalf of the whole free world. Herbal Betnovate, I am proud to support the Israeli Defense Forces, the most civilized and humane army in the world, no matter how the media might try to portray them.

One can't but respect the brave Israeli army, Betnovate pharmacy, which puts its soldiers' lives at risk in order to protect civilian life in Gaza or Southern Lebanon, Buy cheap Betnovate, the same civilians who, in both places, voted terrorist organizations in to power, Betnovate dose. The same "innocent civilians" who deny Israel's right to exist, Betnovate photos, who never are held accountable for the democratic choices they have made. Yet still, the Israeli army, online buy Betnovate without a prescription, and in the most critical times of war, Betnovate description, tries as much as possible to avoid harming them, even at the expense of losing lives on their side, as well as suffering tactical and strategic disadvantages because of their moral behavior, Betnovate cost. I salute the Israeli army; I can't but support these heroes, and bow in respect to the memory of their fallen ones, Buy Betnovate Without Prescription. I can't but stand with Israel in its fight for its existence in this crazy part of the world.

I used to hate Israel with a passion, Betnovate samples, but today I am proud to say that I have shed my hatred for Israel and it has transformed to a deep love, passion and respect for Zionism and all the values it stands for.

I am proud that today I support the full restoration of Jerusalem. For the first time in my life I'm at peace with myself and in great harmony with what I believe in; standing with Israel and the Jewish people, fast shipping Betnovate, who are the most forgiving and tolerant people on Earth. They must be praised for their deep dedication to their cause, and for their patience in their endurance of harm and hatred.

Jerusalem should never be divided and the Temple Mount should also be liberated. All other religious groups in the world have free access to their most sacred sites; yet, the Jews still watch their holiest place, Solomon's Temple, under occupation. I can't but feel compassion for their dream; and I know that their fight is now my fight.

Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, Israel's existence and survival is really a test and responsibility for the whole civilized world. It's the battle against Islam's imperial quest to conquer the whole world. Israel is the fortress and stronghold for freedom and tolerance in the Middle East, the front line in the world's war against the tyranny of Islam.

I have held my tongue for too long, but today a great burden has been lifted from my heart. I don't care if I've been considered a traitor by my people for loving Israel. It's an honor for me. If supporting Israel's right to exist is a sin, then I'm a sinner. I'm proud to be an Arab who stands with a country that should be emulated by all its neighbors. For the sake of its people and for the sake of the world's stability and freedom, I'm proud to say I love Israel. Even if I don't have Jewish blood in my veins, I know I am Israeli at heart.

Long live Israel!

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